Bestiary (Bestiarium)

In his Bestiary, Leonardo da Vinci zooms in on the universal war among men, in particular the struggle between parents and children. An ideal starting point for a musical cross-pollination between two composers.

Year of composition



Women's choir (SSA), piano quintet (vln, vla, vc, cb and pno) or women's choir and piano



part of cycle

Bestiary was written in collaboration with Karel Van Marcke.

commissioned by



  • lyrics by
    Alain Pringels (°1962), inspired by the Da Vinci translation by Patrick Lateur
  • Language
    Dutch, English, French and Italian


  • Date
    10 March 2012
  • Location
    CC Luchtbal, Ekeren (Belgium)
  • Performers
    Vocal Ensemble Caloroso and Ensemble Camerarte: Kris Janssens (violin), Eva Van de Ven (viola), Peter Devos (cello), Ludo Joly (contrabass) and Tom Deneckere (piano)
  • Conductor
    Inge Sykora


upon request 
Titles of the separate pieces: 0. Overture 1. The Eagle 2. The Bumblebee 3. The Raven 4. The Rooster 5. The Peacock 6. The Caterpillar-, Snake- and Crocodilemachine 7. Bonasus 8. The Siren 9. The Snake 10. The Swan 11. Psychedelica 12. Finale